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Work with us and members in our community to make a difference today.

For more than 3 years Seth has dreamed of how he could help all the kids in the world, And now after his first year of his personal hands on approach to creating a solution. He Now introduces to his community. He has devoted its energy passionately creating survival gear and other products to raise money to continue advocating for Highly Functioning Kids on the spectrum. Non-Traditional and Traditional services are very expensive for families that are not covered medically or through school districts. As such, they are politically under-represented members in our global family. Find out how you can support to the future of someone in need through service donation gifts of money and time.

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Having a healthy understanding and perspective of what each individual child needs and how they learn is essential. Which is why our everyday effort year-round deserves so much attention. Devote an afternoon to making survival gear, on our newsletter, or advocate on our team

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Locally, nationally and internationally, is a vocal advocate for all our Highly Functioning. We travel to everywhere to raise awareness and aid children and families in need.

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Our Database and Newsletter team needs your help immediately. Must be computer savvy, know spreadsheet and basic widget functionality. A working knowledge of human and special needs behavior with a strong ability to communication and writing skills. Interns make your contribution now.

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